OKEANOS is a family company dedicated to recreational diving, was founded in 1988 and is a pioneer in life travel operations aboard the Isla del Coco aboard the emblematic boat OKEANOS l. In 2008, we acquired a second Ship, the OKEANOS II, which reinforced our operation in Isla del Coco.

In 2018 the new project of OKEANOS ADVENTURES was created under the concept of SCUBA Diving School and Store and Apnea, and of the Tourism Agency. Our objective is to offer the public the highest level of quality in SCUBA and APNEA diving certifications, as well as to have the best SCUBA and APNEA equipment in the market at the sale price in the United States.


OKEANOS ADVENTURES Dive Center is a center for aquatic activities that includes various activities such as diving courses, freediving, and adventure trips. Our facilities have an office to help you design your diving and adventure trips. We have a training room for the courses, bathrooms and shower and a perfect pool for training in confined water, first step before going out to sea. We have a beautiful temperate pool perfect for the practice of confined water.



Jorge Berrocal – Operations Manager

Daniel Berrocal – New Ventures Manager / Operations / Reservations

Andrés Berrocal – Diving Manager / Operations

Onditz Calparsoro – Reservations Manager


Andrés Berrocal – Captain and SCUBA and Apnea Instructor

Javier Artiñano – SCUBA and Apnea Instructor