Captains Log 11 Abril – 18 Abril


Early in the morning we were getting Okeanos I  ready for another  trip to Caño island.Our guests arrived at the dock in Puntarenas at 12:30pm and right away we started sailing to Caño.This crossing is fast ,just 11 hours .Next morning we were already there and at 7 am we did our first dive and then we dove  Barco Hundido and El Ancla.The day was perfect with lots of sun and clear water,just descending you could  see how beautiful this place is with groups of differents kind of fish like the black tail grunps,spoted rose snappers,horse eye jacks and the almaco jacks.

Next day we dove  El Faro and Cirujanos with espectacular rock formations and so much to see.This is the place were we have seen most white tip sharks and one of the highlights was the school of barracudas swimming in blue water.

Cirujanos is the site were we have a litle arch and a swim through  and the amount of life there its  just amazing, there you can find from litle crabs,lobsters,moreys,blennys and   the sea fans with its different shapes and colours.

Third day we dove Bajo El Diablo and we were expecting to see Pacific Mantas rays and the conditions were good for that a lot of plancton in the ocean wich is perfect for them.This day we could not see then but the site was like a aquarium with lots of fish and white tips sharks everywhere .Next morning we went to a Paradise,we did two dives  beacause after luch we  went  hiking to Corcovado National Park , the abundance of monkeys, scarlet macaws and countless differents trees its really amazing.

The last two days we went back to Bajo El Diablo because of the  great dive we had before and is just amazing that everyday there is something new to see , just the kind  of dive that doesn’t matter how many times you dive it, you just dont get tired of it.

Thanks to our guests for a fantastic diving week.

Safe trip back home.

Captain Mauricio Marin