Captains Log 4 – 14 January


 Water temperature:                         75 – 80 F , with many thermo climes

Recommended wesuit :                  5 mil


Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Chef Jairol and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward Eduardo, Panga drivers Jheyler and Jorge, Divemasters and Photos and Video:  Anibal and Facundo and Carlos Sanchez.

Guests: Thomas, Kakai, Philippe, Martyn, Tim, Guy, Marilynn, Joe, Eric, John, Hiromi, Cita and Jarrah,

Dive Sites  : Chatam Bay, Manuelita , Dirty  Rock,  Punta Maria, Viking Rock , Pajara,  Alcyone , Dos Amigos Pequeño and Grande ,Roca Sumergida.

After about 34 hours of crossing we finally saw cocos island in the mist, like one of those pirate movie misterious islands. Just after breakfast we did our check dive. Clear water, white tips eveywhere , thousands of colourful fishes and good viz, what else can we ask on a check dive?On the next day, we stayed at Wafer bay, and from this bay we went to all different dives like : Dirty Rock, Alcyone, Punta maria , Viking rock and pajara among others.

We had during the whole chárter Galapago sharks, schooling hammerheads , marble rays, Eagle rays  and bottle nose dolphins swimming in front of us together with,  a beautiful oceanic manta!We went to our land tour and even though it was very short because all guests wanted to keep on diving, we could see the park rangers house, and walked on the bridge made  of buoys that they built with the buoys that were found on the island after the years,.

Guests enjoyed our food lots and Jairol (our head chef) was the whole charter serving healthy and yummy food to all of us. On one of the nights, Jairol also prepared a special costa rican night, with all our typical food and even some cocktails during the  night.We hope our guests took home unforgettable memories of their trip and a great new page on their diving diaries.

Pura Vida!