Captains Log 26 April – 8 March

Guest: Editha, Horacio, Ronald, John, Clarissa, Ainsley, Max, Jaime, Albert, Paul, Jose, Guillermo, Melany, Willem, Jeffrey, Zvi, David, Charles, Steve, Joel.

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Engineer Miguel, Chef Jairol, second chef Esteban, Skipper Jorge and Warren, Dive Masters Anibal and Carlos.

Dite Site: Manuelita, Alcyone, Dirty Rock, Dos Amigos, Punta Maria, Pajara, Vikinga, Sumerged Rock and Chatam bay….

Nationalities : Fillipinas,USA,Salvador,España,Canada,Alemania,Israel,Francia.

Crossing:  We started sailing around 12:00h heading towards Cocos Island, soon we were on the open ocean and the conditions were nice as they usually are at this time of year.

Everyone was very excited to get Cocos Island; on the way we saw a huge HUMPBACK WHALE as a sign of good luck for the rest of this trip. This week our guests came from different countries so we split them in two teams, we had our check dive at Chatam Bay. It was really nice and colorful, we saw many different species of fish, lobsters and some marble rays; but the most important thing for this dive is to check that all the equipment is working perfect and to make any weight adjustments for the rest of the week.



Always an amazing dive site! Only a two-minute boat ride from Chattam Bay, on this dive the water condition were the BEST. Visibility was very good, no current, as soon as we descended directly to the cleaning station, we felt surrounded by the wilderness of coco`s marine life. We saw many HAMMERHEAD SHARK, a BLACK TIP SHARK, MARBLE RAYS, EAGLRE RAYS, YELLOW FIN TUNAS, and a GREEN SEA TURTLE. And the big SURPRISE, WE SAW A HUGE TIGER SHARK many times. Everybody was very happy with our first day in Paradise and it was fantastic. During dinner the guest talked about how amazing the first day of diving was and they were very excited for the next day.

Manuelita Channel

This site has become the perfect place for tiger shark encounters on the afternoon dives, on our first dive, right off the boat, we saw a juvenile swimming near the surface towards the shallow area.Minutes later, two eagle rays pass by and we decide to follow them, a pregnant tiger shark surprised us while she was gently hanging against the current, it was hard for us to stay in the same place but seemed to be really easy for her because she barely was barely moving its tail. 

Dos Amigos

The west part of the island was easy to get to, during the dive at Small Dos Amigos we enjoyed some Galapagos sharks around the cleaning station, but the more interesting was when we move to the right side of the rock in that corner and we saw hundreds of HAMMERHEAD SHARKS really close and many times. This dive was amazing and unforgettable, all the guests were very happy and the visibility was perfect.


A Flat boat ride and a bit rain joined us since we got into the dinghy, we used the rope to descend straight to the bottom. In few minutes we notice many hammerheads coming from the deeps in big schools at the same we listened to the funny noise of the Dolphins, everyone looked around as they came close to the divers and seemed to be playing in the middle of the group, a great show that lasted about 2 minutes, just amazing and breathtaking. Also, this dive was great for taking selfies with the white tips, as they were motionless when we approached them. On our way up two eagle rays came close to say good bye.

Alcyone again was the best call of the day with big schools of sharks but this time hanging more into the blue water.After lunch we went to Visit Rangers Station on Wafer Bay always nice to see wild pigs and deers  around.

On another occasion, we visited a waterfall which left everyone in awe of its magnificent beauty. Our guests were marveled. Great for pictures and a refreshing break from diving.

Day 7

Time to say hasta pronto and returned to what we found to be the hot sites of the week:

Alcyone, Manuelita and Dirty Rock.

Pura vida from Costa Rica, be safe and thank you to our guests.