9 – 19 April Captains Log


Average Water Temperaruture 76F/ 24C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20m

Wetsuits:3ml or 5mm (termoclines often

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez , Chefs:  Jairol  and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward , Eduardo, Tender  Skippers: Jorge and Luis, Dive Instructor Carlos Sanchez and Dive Master  Anibal and  Jeyhler.

Guests;Indra, Gary, Maschima, Saravut, Paweena, Pramoad, Isriya, Yupare, Ruangrut, Kadekarn, Keira, Christopher, Pitiphong, Vachara, Korakot, Waran, Darin, Varisa, Saksit and Pundrarika..

A new diving adventure is about to begin. Our guests this week came from beautiful and remote Thailand. Happy guests willing to share their culture with us and taught us even some Thai words during this week.Chatham, Manuelita Deep and Manuelita channel were our first choices .Perfect conditions and perfect visibility .No current at all but still lots of marine life like yellow fin tunas, white tips, eagle rays and of course marble rays.On the very first day, our guests, avid photographers and videographers, got their first great shots.

Then, Punta Maria, Dirty rock and Viking .All our expectations were fulfilled, from Galapago sharks to hammerheads, jack fish schools and a beautiful crystal blue water with great visibility also.Alcyone was a great surprise , not only schooling hammerheads, but 4 beautiful dolphins swimming together with oceanic mantas , was just like the perfect dive.Then, we headed to Dos Amigos Grande and pequeña, great day for sharks once again.Galapago sharks, whale shark, mobulas, you name it! We saw it all!!!

Then, on the day we went back to manuelita for the afternoon dive, there he was, again a beautiful tiger shark, swimming calmy very close to the sandy bottom.Lone Stone, Manuelita and Ulloa were our last dives of this week, and again, it was all you can imagine, from rays to mobulas and all kind of sharks, till a beautiful sea horse and 2 frog fishes.

Sounds a bit odd, but the sea horse was one  of the highlights of the trip since everything we see in Cocos is pelagic and then we found this beautiful sea horse that really surprised us all.It’s the first one we have seen this year so far.

The waterfall in Wafer bay was a great change from salty to fresh water. All of us, loved it.


Thanks to all ou guests for a beautiful week that actually was the Thai new year and we celebrated accordingly,

Looking forward having you onboard again soon.

ขอบคุณ – Gracias.