Captain Log 1-11 June

Water Temperature: 84 F

Visibility: 65-85 Feet

This week we had a half charter from Brazil and other guests came from U.K, United States, Russia, Costa Rica, China and France.

Our diving started with our usual check out dive at the reef of Chatham Bay, a very relaxing dive to get everybody back into the water and familiar with their gears, several White-tips and lots of reef fish. The next following dives where done at Manuelita Channel and the Deep area where we got to see our first hammerheads.

Second day we dove Punta Maria, Dirty Rock and Viking, we had a couple of sighting s of Galapagos sharks the first dive and second dive groups of 3-4 hammerheads coming in close.

Third day we went to submerged rock, this site has a beautiful arch that is teaming with life, we had a Little bit of current coming into the arch which brought lots of jacks into it and White tips swimming around it, our guests loved it. After this dive we went to Alcyone which didn´t have the hammerheads we are used to, but no current at all so it allowed us to explore the entire area and enjoy the schools of horse eye jacks that where above us, this dive we went to pajara island, as soon as we got into the water a big tiger shark swam by giving the opportunity to see it very clearly, after this nice interaction we went looking for the resident frog fish which we found, we spent a few minutes taking pictures of it and the continued to finish our dive at the hard coral reef.

Next Day we dove Big Dos Amigos and Small Dos Amigos in the morning, the big one has an arch that is about 20 Feet x 20 Feet, we spent 15 minutes there taking pictures and enjoying the scenery, lots of fish and White tips in the arch. Second dive we got to the cleaning station and a few hammerheads passed by as well as a Galapagos. Third Dive we went back to the island of Manuelita to the Deep area where Huge tuna where swimming by.Fifth Day at the island we did four dives, we went back to Punta Maria and dirty rock then did the shallow area of Manuelita. We had more hammerheads coming in close and a quick visit from a whale shark, unfortunately we couldn´t get as close as we would`ve wanted because as son as we got to the cleaning station at 100 Feet we saw it passing up top at around 20 feet of water so we couldn´t come as quickly to catch up with it. At Manuelita a Tiger shark swammed by at the end of the dive.

Sixth day we went back to Alcyone to see what was happening there and we got two friendly dolphins for the first five minutes swimming by and hammerhead sharks swimming constantly above us, not in the big schools but 5-10 and constant. Other guests wanted to go back to dirty rock and they had a great dive there.

Last day we asked our guests what they wanted to do and some of the chose small dos amigos which proved to be a great decision as we got close encounters with hammerheads and a couple of Galapagos at the Cleaning Station, then they chose Manuelita where huge tuna was swimming by and also a curious silver tip came and circled us 3 times. Last dive of the week we went to dirty rock, one of my favorite sites at the island that has everything to offer, reef, sharks, fish and beautiful scenery.

On behalf the Okeanos Aggressor II crew, Thanks again to all of our guests for making it a great week, we hope to see you again soon.