29 September – 9 October Captains Log

Average Water Temperature 81 F (26 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 82 F (26 Celsius)

Average Visibility 50 ft-15 mts Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily. Crew this week:Capt. Mauricio, Chefs Douglas and Eduardo, Engineer Fabio, Steward Harold, Boat drivers and Divemasters : Warren, Luis and Xavier.

Saturday morning the staff of Okeanos I was getting the vessel ready for our new passengers that come from Germany with our friend Jurgen as tour leader , he was here 4 years ago sharing good dives with us. At 4pm we started sailing towards the island hoping to have a good crossing and it was so good that in no time we were arriving to Chatham bay.Check dive was a test for our divers just to warm up for Manuelita Island and they did super good. Second dive was in the coral garden full of hammerhead sharks close to the sandy bottom at around 15 meters. Third dive we did the channel one of the best sites to see tigers sharks . After the first day of diving everyone got a big smile on their faces.

Next day we went to Dirty Rock looking for the big schools of hammerheads and as this site never disappoints us , we got them swimming in big groups , the dream picture of all divers when they come to Cocos Island.Punta Maria is one of my favorite dive sites for Galapagos Sharks. Just going down by the line we were able to see them in the cleaning stations : 3 big females and 4 males were there and little by little we got close to them. Over 15 minutes watching this beautiful sharks, taking pictures and videos is just the kind of dive that you don’t want to end. Alcyone gave us the chance to dive in open ocean and around the sea mount , it always has something especial, hammerheads ,white tips , snappers and big groups of jacks and this day we also had a surprise a 3.5 mts tiger shark which most of the time is seen in Manuelita, it was just spectacular !


After so much action we dove Pajara Island which is a relax reef dive at 20 mts full of life just like a Aquarium: Frog fish, lobsters, flounder , morays, marble rays and countless colorful fish can be seen on this site.Viking Rock and Pajara are close to each other and share the same amount of life,the diference is that Viking offers much more hammerhead action usually.South of the island was a bit too choppy due to weather conditions so we decided to skip it or this charter.

Land tours were also ver good, first Chatham Bay hiking up the mountain to the lookout point where you have great view of the bay and the other one in Wafer Bay which is the main Ranger station site , also visiting the the hanging bridge built with illegal fishing line and buoys.

Thanks to all of our guests for being so nice and easy going,

Cap. Mauricio Marin