11-21 May Captains Log

Okeanos Aggressor I

Captain Mauricio´s Log-  Trip: 11-21 May 2018

Water temp: 26|°C

Friday May 11 around 12pm we were receiving our guest at Puntarenas dock  just to start one more trip to Coco’s island. Five minutes later they got onboard they started to set the gear out with happiness  because in few hours we will be arriving to the Island.

First day we had our check out dive at Chatham bay,It was really nice and colorful; we saw lots of blue and gold snappers and the blue trevally jacks were patrolling the coral garden , also a couple of marble rays and 2 hammerhead just starting the trip. Second and third dive were in Manuelita Island looking for more sharka and she  did not disappoint us; hammerheads, tigers and galapagos sharks were all there

Second day.  This morning me moved the boat from Chatham bay to Waifer Bay and from this bay we sailed to the next three dives of the day Dirty rock, Punta Maria and Pajara island is what we dove .Dirty rock had full hammerhead action coming in groups of 25 to 50 in&out. In Punta Maria we dove with more than 3 Galapagos Sharks.. and very close to us…. Great second day in diving  paradise!!  The third dive was in Pajara Island, and again a beautiful coral garden with lots of fish.. and the Frog fish was the highlight. In Cocos we love to see small creatures also.

Third day. When you are going to Alcyone you always know that anything can happen there.. and it was true again! We saw one of the biggest  jack fish school ever! And the hammerheads there were  swimming around  and following our bubbles in the blue….  Suddenly a group of Almaco jacks showed up from the blue, at least 25 of then, The divers couldn’t believe!! We dove with this beautiful animals for a while..  unbelievable!!!!!!

Fourth day.  The first dive Big Dos Amigos and was fantastic with this big Arch  full of fish, white tips sharks and there seemed to be a ray everywhere we looked.  The last dive was to Viking Rock, which had a sandy bottom.  There were lots of white tips swimming by and there was a steady parade of marble ray cruising over the rock at about 80 feet-25 meters.

Fifth day. We went back to Dirty Rock and when we got in the water we were surprised to find a big schools of horse eye jacks , there were at least three thousand of them together…all of the sudden we looked up and then we saw a whale shark going by ,it was very exciting to see that big shark. After that on the way to the surface  we had the opportunity to see  hammerheads in big schools of 50 swimming back and forth just in from of our eyes.

Sixth day. We came back to Manuelita Island and the cleaning station were not really active, it seemed to me that sharks were in mating season because we  have seen them in big groups out in blue water on “ hunting” mood.

Last day at the island we did three dives at Dirty Rock with lots of hammerheads and yellow fin tunas hunting around, it was perfect to  end the trip. This trip just filled everyone’s expectations. The island is one of the most beautiful places for diving around the world and we hope  that in the future all ours friends will be back to dive with us again.


Okeanos Aggressor Crew.