Captains Log 23 July – 2 August

Okeanos II

Water temperature: 23-28°C

This week we had a marine biologist with us and she was so kind to write this report together with Carlos , our captain.

We have had a beautiful week of diving with both groups experiencing some great sightings on their dives. We encountered Galapagos sharks at Roca Sucia on multiple occasions, one of which was as close as four metres appearing out of a school of Blue and Gold Snappers over the reef.

One group saw a school of Hammerheads as big as 130! And there were plenty of Hammerhead encounters on almost all the dives through the week. One of these was at Manuelita Profundo where we had Hammerheads coming through the cleaning station and coming towards us out of the blue from the sand throughout the whole dive, followed by a huge group of Hammerheads and a school of thousands of Big Eye Jacks in the blue during our safety stop. On this same dive we were also circled by a Devil Ray.

During the safety stop after a dive at Dos Amigos Pequeno we had another AMAZING encounter. We were circled by a pod of playful dolphins swimming up and down between us and the surface with two calves!! This lasted five or ten minutes in clear blue water before the dolphins dispersed. A great end to an already great dive with Hammerheads and Galapagos sharks.One of the groups saw a large female tiger shark on a dive at one of the new sites, Pan Azucar. The divers got lots of photographs and videos of her as she followed the group for the second half of the dive.

Some other marine life we saw over the week of diving was Tuna, Wahoo, Silky Sharks and Eagle Rays as well as something that we rarely get to see, a turtle! We were diving Ulloa and looking for Bat Fish when we saw a Green Turtle and Marbled Ray swimming along the sandy bottom together.

Overall the weather has been beautiful this week, with lots of hot and sunny days. This made for a beautiful trip to Wafer Bay to visit the Rangers Station and the hanging bridge where some had a swim in the river. The whole group went together onto the island for an hour, with a small group staying longer through the last dive of the day to complete the trail to Chatam Bay.

We also visited one of the waterfalls on the outskirts of the island, accessing it from the ocean in the Pangas. We took some great photographs and videos of the whole group and allowed everyone to see the waterfall close-up.

Some of the group also walked to the top of the Rangers Station in Chatam Bay between dives to see the amazing views from the Coast Guard house on the top of the hill, again in sunny weather.  We got to see a lot underwater whilst diving and saw a lot of the island itself throughout the week.

Thank you to everyone for a great week of diving at Isla del Coco, and a special thank you to the crew for allowing me to dive with you all! It was an amazing!!

Beth Hodgson and Captain Carlos Sanchez.