Captains Log 22 September – 2 October


This week we had a group of 12 guests from Israel: Ilanit, Shani, Eran, Nofar, Zohar, Gili David, Avraham, Ofer, Yaakov, and Sari led by group leader Boaz Samorai from Wild Dive Company.

We asked Boaz to write for us this week’s dive report of what he thought of the trip.

As we bordered the ship and met each other we immediately knew this will be a fantastic trip with many smiles and laughs, and as we started sailing to the ocean, all of the sudden the captain turned the boat very hard to the left side and we ran outside to the top deck to see what was happening and found 2 Humpback whales playing at the surface! It was a magnificent sight and a great start for our trip.

After another day of sailing and preparing for out dive trip we arrived at Cocos island on a beautiful day with great weather and made our first dive at Chatam bay, in which we found great visibility and various kinds of fish and corals, rays and sharks, white tips, hammerhead and even a young curious tiger shark!

The next dive we made at Manuelita and the cleaning station was exploding with big amounts of hammerheads and even 2 tiger sharks – one big female and another small male.

The next day we arrived at Dirty Rock – a small rocky island dirty with bird’s guano and surrounded with coral heads and a very active cleaning station in which we have seen many hammerheads coming in to get cleaned by the barber fish. We also seen a big number of marbeled rays swimming in from the drop off. When we made our way to nearby pinnacle we found a huge group of big eyed Jack fish that was swimming so dense it was blocking the sun light underneath them!

Another surprise was waiting for us behind the Jack fish. Carlos our captain and one of the most experienced dive guides to Cocos Island have signaled us to follow him into the blue and was signaling with his hands in a wide sign from side to side and we found a screen of view of a massive group of hammerhead sharks!

The next dive site we discovered was Alcyone which was not an easy dive due to hard currents, but was worth it due to bug numbers of jack fish, snappers and hammerheads coming close to the rocks to get cleaned very close to us. It seems that in strong currents the sharks feel more comfortable and come closer to the divers. When we came up to surface a huge tuna fish was attacking a small fish that was swimming close to the surface and it was followed by a silky shark that have jumped out of the water trying to catch its prey!

The next day we went to the other side of the island to dive at Dos amigos which are 2 small islands, one bigger than the other that offered us a dive in a very nice cave in which we found a big group of snappers and a few sting rays and even one big turtle that have started attacking on of the marbeled rays that was nesting in the cave. It’s very nice to see a turtle in Cocos which is the tiger shark favorite food… At the small Amigo we found a very active cleaning station of Galapagos sharks, eagle rays and also a few hammerheads. At the safety stop we were surprised by a beautiful manta that swam towards us from the blue.

This afternoon Carlos our captain have found us 2 orange frog fish at Pajara and we have finished the night in a lovely dinner of Sushi, Sashimi and Tuna steaks with a nice mix of cocktails made by our Bartender and Saloon manager Eduardo.

Every evening Anibal, the head of the dive guides and Cruise manager was guessing what the weather would be like, and he promised us a sunny day, and it was a great and sunny day which we used to visit the island and made a walk to the river in which we found the rangers bridge which is made completely out of old fishing material which was compensated from illegal fishing made in Cocos island during the last decade or so.

The last day of diving we made a vote were to dive and we chose Manuelita, Dos Amigos, and Dirty Rock and it was the best day with big numbers of hammerheads every we looked, and huge group of Galapagos sharks, huge group of Jack fish, another giant manta and a pod of Dolphins that was plating cheerfully around us!

We used the great weather to visit the waterfalls and had another wonderful sunset over the clouds in the lovely view of Cocos Island that was getting smaller and smaller as we sailed away with big smiles and made a promise to return to this magnificent island one more time!

To summarize we had a great trip and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to visit such a unique place and witness the wonderful nature within it! We feel huge gratitude to the amazing group of staff on board the Aggressor Okeanos II and especially to the man in charge – Captain Carlos who was with us in every aspect of the trip with high level of professionalism and knowledge, a great sense of humor and the best attitude!