17-27 Enero Bitácora del Capitan

Average Water Temperaruture 76F/ 24C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20m

Wetsuits:3ml or 5mm , thermoclines often.

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez , Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward , Jorge,Tender Skippers: Warren and Jeyler, Dive Instructor Carlos Sanchez and Dive Master Anibal…

Guests; Sven, Stephanie, Thomas, Gabriela, Julien, Alexander, Chritian, Gary, Robert, Suzane, Jhon, Amanda, Peter, Francois, Tristan, Megahn, Peter, William, Eric and Tammy…

Welcomed by the crew and after the general and safety briefing ,the sailing began. Despite the challenging weather conditions on the open ocean everyone was perfect, we saw a lot of dolphins and amazing sunsets on our way to Isla del Coco.The OKEANOS II reached the mysterious Isla del Coco at 5.30 am, just in time for a quick breakfast before the check dive.

Chatham Bay :Those who like small animals were super happy , they got to see lobsters and the usual reef fish being chased by the many whitetip sharks that live on the island. Sometimes when we dive other dive sites with bigger animals, we forget about the smaller species that are always present.The second dive was in Manuelita and it was simply stunning: the 3 types of sharks were spotted, as well as yellowfin tunas passing by and also a turtle.Right before lunch, the Isla Del Coco National Park Rangers came to give us an introduction to the park, providing us with the dive rules to the park and also explaining how they care for the island. After lunch we dove Manuelita again but towards the left side where a tiger shark was and made himself visible a couple of times throughout the dive. The first of many Eagle Rays and Marble Rays of the trip were also seen on day 1.

The second day started bright and super early with a panga ride to Punta Maria, where we were welcomed by a Galapago shark followed by the sight that made Cocos so famous for , the big schools of hammerheads flying gracefully above our heads. We then turned around the pinnacle and struggled to focus our eyes on the sight of more than a thousand big eye jacksfish , it was a huge school and a truly spectacular sight!!

Dirty Rock, the world famous dive site was next and again the big fish were waiting. It was just an amazing dive, hammerheads being cleaned by angelfish near the buoy, schools of jacks swimming above out heads and a beautiful safety stop with a school of over 40 hammerheads right below us. As usual, after breakfast it was time for Alcyone and it was again ! Close encounters with Hammerheads in numerous amounts and getting very close to us was a constant for the whole trip.The third dive was at Viking Rock where we finished off with an easy dive where we found flatfish, garden eels and lobsters in a coral covered area.

Another sunny morning and another great day of diving ahead.“Big” Dos Amigos, at the start of the dive tons of Jacks, trevallies , hammerheads and Galapagos sharks everywhere. We went through the arch, which was a greatly appreciated swim-through by all the divers as they found beautiful baits of grunts and snappers that made great photo subjects. The morning started early with a 7am dive in Dirty Rock , also full of Hammerheads and yellow fin tunas . The next two dives of the day were in Manuelita deep, house to hammerheads and tiger sharks.

Day 6

The adventure of the day was on land, with a visit to the Wafer Bay Ranger station and a nice hike along the trail. The bridge made of sea debris like buoys and confiscated fishing lines lead us to the fresh water river.Back on board the divers relaxed watching the chef cook a barbecue on the deck while having an ice cold beer and sharing the memories of the trip thus far.

Day 7

The sun is shining! At Alcyone we all had a beautiful and amazing “good-bye” dive full of hammerheads as the rest of the week.

Thanks to all our guests this week. Looking forward to having you onboard again.