3- 13 Septiembre Bitácora del capitan


Average water temperature:     78 F (27 Celsius) /Average air temperature:             75 F (24 Celsius)/Average visibility:60 ft. (20 m) /Wetsuit:  3 mm, maybe 5 mm if you get easily cold

Crew Captain:Carlos Sánchez

Dive masters:Carlos Sánchez / Anibal Morales

Chef: Esteban

Bartender: Eduardo

Engineer:  Miguel

Panga Driver: Jehyler

Panga Driver:  Jorge

Asst. Chef:    Jairol


Antoine Koning, Christel Koning, Jean Michel Cucchi, Guy Spadacini, Pascal Garnier, Patrice Garnier, Raphael Legghe, Helene Legghe, Franck Ciosi, Jean Francois Fino, Catherine Rouch, Susan Beach, Carole Castel, Laurence Gurruchategui, Fanny Nadeau, Simon Droulin, Marc Vizcaino, Herve Gallois, Phillipe Dubua, Johann Blanc, Pierre Canazzi, Veronique Pascal – Canazzi

Dive sites

Wednesday:        Chatham-Manuelita Deep – Manuelita Canal

Thursday:            Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Viking Rock

Friday:                    Alcyone, Submerged, Pajara

Saturday:              Dos amigos, Small dos amigos, Manuelita

Sunday:                                   Punta Maria, Dirty Rock, Ulloa

Monday:               Alcyone, Manuelita Deep, Garden

Tuesday:                Dirty Rock, Manuelita Deep, Manuelita Garden


We arrived to sunny Cocos around 7:00 am with a warm welcome from  several curious dolphins swimming around the boat. The check dive was perfect to try out the gear with very good water conditions and visibility. Lots of fish, lobster, moray, white tip sharks and beautiful corals. The second and third dives had all these hammerheads, marble rays, yellow fin tuna, white tip shark, Galapago sharks and  school of jack fishes. Awesome day with happy guests and delicious food served after every dive.

Second day of diving , the wakeup call  was at 06:00 am with some hot drinks to get ready for our dive at Dirty Rock where we saw  an amazing school of  jacks , actually more  than a thousand together, it was simply an amazing view!Next dive ,  Punta Maria where we had the chance to see several Galapago sharks on the cleaning station, and ended our day at Viking rock with lots of reef fish and beautiful conditions.

On Friday morning  we started to move the boat back to Chatham Bay to dive Submerged Rock and Alcyone. First dive with the arch full of fish which makes it a beautiful place for photographers, second dive we went to Alcyone where we found  the always present hammerheads, lots of yellow fin tunas and octopus. On our third dive at pajara Island we found 3 Frog Fish ( not easy to spot when you have a school of hammerheads over your head)Fourth day at the island we went to the south side , Dos Amigos, these are two islands located  about two miles away from the main island , which offers an amazing diving.

Small Dos amigos had lots of hammerheads at the cleaning station which got together with the Galapagos .Big Dos Amigos has an arch where we can fit all the divers together easy! .  It was full of fish and had some marble rays coming in and out, it is a perfect place for photographers. Last dive we went back to the deep side of manuelita where the cleaning stations where very active.

Fifth day at the island we had some really good dives, in Dirty Rock we could spot manta rays, big school of jacks fish and hammerheads. Punta Maria and Pájara were full of marble rays, frog fishes and Galapago sharks. In Ulloa , we went looking for the red lipped bat fish and we succeeded finding two of them!

Sixth day at the island we did Alcyone and both sides of Manuelita Island and we got two see plenty of what the island has to offer, schooling fish, hammerheads, jacks, marble rays, eagle rays, 4 different species of sharks with very nice visibility and conditions. And a  whale shark!!!!

Last day we offered  our guests to choose where they want to go back to and most of them choose Dirty rock and both sides of Manulelita where we got to see our last hammerheads of the week and a friendly tiger shark cruising by.We arrived back in Puntarenas around 4:00 am and after a beautiful last breakfast together it was time to say good bye. A lot of amazing memories and many new friends.It has been an amazing week with our guests! Thanks again for joining us, safe travels and we hope to see you again soon!