Bitácora del Capitan 24 Agosto – 3 Septiembre

(Photos by Mauricio Marin)

Average Water Temperature 81 F (26 Celsius)
Average Air temperature 82 F (26 Celsius)
Average Visibility 50 ft-15 mts 
Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily. 
Crew this week: Capt. Mauricio, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Fabio, Steward Harold, Zodiac drivers and divemasters Warren, Luis and Xavier.

One more trip is about to begin onboard Okeanos I and the staff has the boat ready to board with 22 passengers at the dock in Puntarenas , Costa Rica .Around 1pm we started sailing towards our dive destination , the island of sharks ,in no time we were arriving to Wafer Bay and by this time everyone got the gear and camera ready . On this trip we have serious filmmakers and photographers from South Korea, Usa, Germany, France, Ireland and Argentina to get the best underwater action.
Check dive in Chatham Bay was perfect to blow our first bubbles and to make sure that our gear is working just fine .Second dive in Manuelita was pretty intense with the Galapagos, Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks coming so close just to feel how real diving is here.
In the afternoon dive we got to see something really amazing , marble rays mating, one female being chased by 30 males , can you believe that ?
Very lucky to see this as it doesn’t happen often and Okeanos divers were there.

Next day Dirty Rock blew our minds away with tons of hammerheads in blue water swimming against current, I believe that the biggest school had more of 100 of them.
Punta Maria did not have the Galapagos sharks but the Pinnacle was just like a Aquarium full of life, white tip shark’s everywhere and Hammerheads above us , even an oceanic manta on the safety stop.
Alcyone was very good with lots of shark activity drifting away with the current .After the dive , chef prepared some snacks just after we surfaced, on the same zodiac.
Dos Amigos is always good with the big arch full of fish, marble rays, white tips sharks and also two mobula rays towards the end of the dive , totally awesome.
Small dos Amigos gave us the opportunity to be face to face with huge Galapagos Sharks and also is a good place to see yellow fin Tunas in big schools.
Sumerged Rock showed good activity as well with the small arch with lots of Blue and Gold Snappers and Marble rays over our head so close that if you want to you could touch them
Land tour were so good because of the fantastic weather .In Chatham we got up to the mountain to the point view and in wafer bay we went to the ranger house on a rainy day just after the dive with the wetsuits on!

Thanks to all of our guests for a great week of diving

Cap. Mauricio Marin